Sports betting: getting started, min/max bet and max payout

On our site, you can place wagers on different sports events worldwide so whatever sports you like to bet on, we've got you covered.

To get you up and running, here's a handy how-to guide about using our sports betting service.

What is Sports betting?

If you've never placed a bet on sports before, making your a wager is easy. First, find a sports event you want to bet on and place your money on the outcome you think will happen or not. The goal is to win by making the correct prediction.

Where can I see which sports are available to bet on?

You can see our complete list of sports you can bet on via our website.

We‘ll be adding more events in the future, and if you‘re looking for a sport or market that‘s not shown on the website, you can contact us with your recommendation.

Why do some events have more information than others?

Some of the events will show additional information such as scores, time passed, or other information related to the event. We try our best to ensure that all information displayed is correct, but it‘s provided for information purposes and shouldn‘t be used to place a bet.

The odds displayed are an accurate indication of the current state of the event in question.

What‘s the minimum and maximum bet I can place?

The minimum stake/bet depends on the event but can range from ($/£/€)0.01 to ($/£/€)0.10 (the minimum bet/stake might change depending on your location).

To see what the maximum bet you can place is, just click on (max) in the bet slip next to the selection.

Each selection is subject to a default maximum bet which will vary. For example, the maximum bet will be far higher on Premier League football matches than on lower league games.

Our tier limits are dependent on numerous factors including but not limited to liquidity, the popularity of the market, and the tier of the division.

If you require an increase in your stake, tell us where you want your limits to be increased (sports, leagues, markets, etc.). Send us a screen capture of an example when you hit maximum bet being limited.

What's the maximum payout I can get from a bet?

All bets are subject to a maximum payout to any one customer in any one day. This is regardless of stakes, odds, or the number of winnings.

To find the maximum payout on all sports, check out Maximum payouts at the bottom of this page under 'How To'.

These limits are applied at our discretion and can be changed at any time.

Do I have a separate balance for placing bets?

When you are playing with us, you use one account for all our games. The funds you have in your account aren‘t separated from the funds you‘re using when playing poker, for example.

You can visit the Real Money section of our site for information on deposit and withdrawal methods specific to your playing country.


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